The SPINDLE SPINNER is designed and manufactured entirely in the EEC.

EEC flag

It is made in Haarlem. CNC-Machining is done in Prague then assembled, packed and shipped from Haarlem. Some materials, seals and other small bits and bobs either come from Germany, France, or The Netherlands. All suppliers abide to EEC manufacturing and waste management regulations.

Box of 10 spindle spinner

The Ø 36mm handles are milled from solid Ø 36mm rods of aluminium so there is very little waste. The handle holes have a little chamfer and an unthreaded section to make them easy to align and bolt on. The small ridge at the top of the handles gives a good grip when holding the record from the top.

Black engraving

The logo is engraved on a 5 axis CNC machine. It is a lot more expensive to do than laser etching but laser etching doesn't look as nice. It has a hard edge to it and looks, dare I say, "Digital". The engraved logo looks deep and solid and gives a slightly better grip.

Discs and seals

The transparent discs are CNC-cut from solid sheets of 12mm Acrylic. These are very strong, acrylic that thick will never crack or break. A square groove is machined for "D" shaped seals that fit solidly and tightly. The edges of the discs are hand-polished. A bevel makes it easy to wipe water build-up near the seals. The EPDM D-Ring seals are from the food-industry, they are aseptic, won't deteriorate and are easy to clean.

All parts are available as spares in case you damage or lose one.

Boxes silver and black

The tool ships in a standard recycled cardboard box to reduce waste, shipping costs and carbon footprint. Parts are held together in a closed-cell foam insert with round corners, so it can be moved into a Sterilite or Emsa type of sandwich box (Not included). These are available everywhere and better than anything we could make ourselves. The same kind of box is also perfect to store other accessories like brushes or sponges and to prepare the washing solution of your choice.